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All our advisers are fully qualified financial advisers with industry standard qualifications. We ensure that all our advisers are qualified and knowledgeable in order to deliver the very best solutions to our clients.
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I was conned into transferring my British Pension worth 52000 GBP by Mr Alwyn Owens of Holborn Assets.

He subsequently "invested" my hard earned funds into what turned out to be a hedge fund motivated by the high comissions he received.

My fund has lost 80 percent in 18 months.

I have tried to arrange a meeting with Robert Parker CEO of HOLBORN ASSETS and despite several requests for a meeting he is ignoring my communication.

I am therefore launching an investigation through Dubai CID and the fraud squad in the UK.

I suspect foul play.

my time you receive a cold call from "financial advisor" (trailer trash) call the Police..



Dear John,

Wednesday 12th March 2014

The IQS Performance Fund was down -3.45% on the day, with an estimated USD 147.28 per share, down -4.73% in March and down -31.71% in 2014 YTD.

The IQ-A programme for its allocation of The Fund's assets was down -1.31% on the day, and down -0.60% in March and down -10.63% in 2014 YTD. IQ-A positions by sectors are as follows:

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Holborn Assets in Vienna, Wien - Advised to invest in fraudulent scheme and mis-sold policy

We are committed to providing high level services and support to clients and recruits. We recommend complaints are filed through the proper channels by speaking directly to our team.
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  • Friends Provident

I contacted an advisor of Holborn Assets back in 2009. I was advised to put a large amount of money in bonds with Friends Provident International.

It was supposed to be low risk, earn around 10% a year and easily cover fees of the bonds. As part of the investment, I also needed money placed on a short term deposit account. I was completely mis-sold this latter part as they placed it as part of the original bond and so it attracted early redemption fees, admin fees etc for a simple savings account I could have opened personally anyway. And the admin and support was appalling.

So many mistakes and conflicting advice. No follow up, no original documentation received. Then to top if all off last year (2013) one of the main schemes they advised to invest in turned out to be one of the many scam and fraudulent investments run by Peter Drake.

Any advisor with half a brain would have seen these investments were dodgy but all they wanted was the very very large commissions. Now they ignore letters of complaint and have basically lost me masses of money.

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Holborn Assets in Bangkok, Krung Thep - Hoborn asset management dubai *** artists

We deliver investments from some of the world’s largest investment houses which often deliver bank beating returns to our clients. Should you have any queries or concerns, please contact our customer service department who are always on hand to help.
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I asked this company holorn assets in dubai and was advised by a welsh person called aywyn owens to take out a 20 year savings plan with a company called Friends Provident international. I told him that i had just moved to dubai from the uk to work for emaar i was only on a short term contract.

i was unsure how long i would be in dubai. he told me it didnt matter because if i went back to the uk i could stop the payments with no penaly. i signed up for 2,000 dollars a month thinking all would be ok. my contract finished and i went back to the uk and could not afford to carry on the savings plan.

i tried to contact alwyn and holborn assets to stop the plan but was advised i could not or i would loose all my money. i had paid in just over 36,000 dollars. i eventually got hold of the owner of the company a chap called Bob Parker who simply said there is nothing he can de.

i have been ripped off and alwyn and lost the money i would have had while working in dubai. stay well clear of hoborn assets in dubai they are *** men

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Holborn Assets in Dallas, Texas - Devere and partners pic rip off

We take customer service very seriously and suggest that you speak to our customer service department to express your concerns. We recognise that each client has their own unique requirements, which is why our fully qualified financial advisers ensure that each client receives their own, bespoke financial strategy to enable them to achieve their goals.
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Have you ever been cold called by anyone from Globaleye, Holborn Assets, Elite Capital Solutions or Devere and Partners?

Companies like these are full of salesman mainly recruited from Devere and Partners who are looking to sell you a long term savings plan and will never look after your money.

They are full of loud mouthed salesman that think they are special because they run around stealing money from customers with lies.

Avoid these companies, the principles spencer lodge, time searle, too many to mention at ECS, and Bob Parker are happy to watch their staff make them filthy rich at the expense of their ripped off clients.

Beware before you hand over your money!!