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We deliver investments from some of the world’s largest investment houses which often deliver bank beating returns to our clients. Should you have any queries or concerns, please contact our customer service department who are always on hand to help.
Thunder Lke
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Hoborn asset management dubai *** artists

I asked this company holorn assets in dubai and was advised by a welsh person called aywyn owens to take out a 20 year savings plan with a company called Friends Provident international. I told him that i had just moved to dubai from the uk to work for emaar i was only on a short term contract.

i was unsure how long i would be in dubai. he told me it didnt matter because if i went back to the uk i could stop the payments with no penaly. i signed up for 2,000 dollars a month thinking all would be ok. my contract finished and i went back to the uk and could not afford to carry on the savings plan.

i tried to contact alwyn and holborn assets to stop the plan but was advised i could not or i would loose all my money. i had paid in just over 36,000 dollars. i eventually got hold of the owner of the company a chap called Bob Parker who simply said there is nothing he can de.

i have been ripped off and alwyn and lost the money i would have had while working in dubai. stay well clear of hoborn assets in dubai they are *** men


unless it's someone you personally know or is recommended from a trustworthy friend, don't give your money to complete strangers, all of you deserve what you got, dummies


The same man lost me GBP 80,000 in 4 years. He misled me into a fund he explained as safe.

He took his £5500 set up fee, continued to receive annual commissions and left my investment to rot! Total negligence!!


This is the same alwyn owens that was jailed for 6 months for dealing drugs in the England. Google Alwyn Owens jailed and up it comes...


This takes the biscuit even for Dubai IFA - what results do you really expect.


Would that be the same Alwyn Owens given six months for being a drug dealer?


Any company that employees a convicted drug dealer should carry a health warning. Even by Dubai IFA standards this really does take the biscuit.



I completely agree with the original poster. Holborn assets are a greedy bunch of *** men.

I found them through an online search for financial advice for expats. I am British but living in Bulgaria. They advised me to put a large amount of money in various bonds with Friends Provident International. Another truly awful company.

So I did. I was completely mis-sold the policy, the costs were not properly explained, I never received paperwork, any follow up, any original documents and when I wanted to cash in some of the funds there were so many *** ups it was unbelievable. Then one of the main investments turned out to be a complete fraud and scam (one of Peter Drake in Australia's cons).

All Holborn Assets were interested in were the commissions. I have written and made official complaints, all ignored.


I See Holborn Assets LLC is based in Israel.

Their Vice President claims


Vice President Holborn Assets at Israel UK Pensions. Is this true?


Having been involved in offshore financial services in Hong Kong over a large number of years, I baulk at the obviouse tactics of so called professionals slandering the names of their competitors to try and gain points by posting such utter rubbish. I would much rather see financial consultants concentrating on their clients needs and investments than taking time to rubbish the industry they pretend to represent as professionals.

I am not suggesting for 1 minute that there are not some genuine complaints on this ridiculously unregulated web site.

But by allowing totally anonymous posts and holding absolutely no one responsible for their actions is simply negligent and irresponsible. All companies from Walmart to the dry cleaners in your local town will receive complaints at one time or another, and then the person with the complaint goes to the supplier to sort it out.

If the supplier does not deal with it in a professional manner post on sites like this and get the truth out there, of course give the post the credibility it deserves by using your real name. By doing this gripe sites like this will become a valuable resource and stop all this in fighting between ex employees and competing companies.

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Nancey Wzk

Holborn Assets is reliable

They are reliable, indeed.

I have lost 1000$ last month by mistake, but I couldn't find what happended.

I asked Holborn Assets what happend and how can I retake money I lost. Even in that situtaion, I didn't believe it will be back and I think it is losen money.

Until I have been noticed by Holborn Assets, I tried to forget about it and nevery tried to find out.

After few days since I asked to Holborn Assets, he noticed me that I have sent it to someone XXX and help me to get my money back.

Holborn Assets is really reliable and trustworthy.

Thank you very much.

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Reason of review:
Good quality

I've worked in the UK for 6 years and i am in SA now, have signed my LOA but have been told that there are no funds due to me, i have been given the run around for the last 3 months, could they have stolen my pension as the woman is so evasive when i asked her for proof that there is no funds available.

Please advise what I should and can do next to find out the truth.


Guess I'll be moving back to GlobalEye. At least they have a portal where I can log in and view my fund performance.

And they invite me for informational nights, golf days and dinners. And they share their staff achievement ceremonies with clients. Nice touch. Holborn gives me *** apples to date except "re-balancing the funds" if I request it to be done.

GlobalEye comes to my house.

Ask Holborn to do that...those are facts I can substantiate. One thing: clever radio ad campaign, Holborn!

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A good radio campaign yes but a further pack of lies from a so called christian company. I worked there as a bdm and we were told to say we were calling from a third paerty not from holborn to trick the prospects. publically its denied but we cold call big time.

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Im W
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Financial Service Review from Hamburg, Hamburg


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Holborn Assets's reply dated Nov 10, 2015 to: Facts's review

We take customer service very seriously and suggest that you speak to our customer service department to express your concerns. We recognise that each client has their own unique requirements, which is why our fully qualified financial advisers ensure that each client receives their own, bespoke financial strategy to enable them to achieve their goals.
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Devere and partners pic rip off

Have you ever been cold called by anyone from Globaleye, Holborn Assets, Elite Capital Solutions or Devere and Partners?

Companies like these are full of salesman mainly recruited from Devere and Partners who are looking to sell you a long term savings plan and will never look after your money.

They are full of loud mouthed salesman that think they are special because they run around stealing money from customers with lies.

Avoid these companies, the principles spencer lodge, time searle, too many to mention at ECS, and Bob Parker are happy to watch their staff make them filthy rich at the expense of their ripped off clients.

Beware before you hand over your money!!

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Presumably this complaint refers to the so-called financial advisory company Devere Group.