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I have already received some financial advice in Dubai from another firm but with the bad reputation of advisors in the city I was keen to get a 2nd opinion and cross reference the advice. A friend of mine already had a savings plan from Holborn Assets and seemed to be fairly happy with it.

I met Keren Bobker and told her about some of the investments I had with the other firm. Almost immediately she began to slag off the advice I had been given and the savings plan I had (which by the way was the exact same plan my friend had already been given by Holborn!). Regardless of her feedback my first reaction was that badmouthing the competition was extremely unprofessional but I allowed her to continue.

She then proceeded to tell me that she would never have given advice like this and I should stop paying into my current plan and start another with her. Clearly Ms Bobker thought I had been born yesterday since it was obvious to me that this was just a ploy to get me to earn her some more juicy commission. I frankly found this to be as nauseating as her hideous work attire.

Her next pearl of wisdom was to tell me to invest my lump sum into one of her fancy 'tax wrappers' which would apparently shower me with a world of magical tax breaks when I went back to the UK. She also pointed out that i had to invest at least 75,000 quid and that if I wanted to put any more money in, it must be done in tranches of at least 25,000 quid. You can imagine my surprise when she gave me a brochure which completed contradicted what she had just told me!

{{{Redacted}}}. Needless to say i wont be visiting her again.



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I've worked in the UK for 6 years and i am in SA now, have signed my LOA but have been told that there are no funds due to me, i have been given the run around for the last 3 months, could they have stolen my pension as the woman is so evasive when i asked her for proof that there is no funds available.

Please advise what I should and can do next to find out the truth.

Alicante, Valencia, Spain #872117

Interesting article..... I have just received an unsolicited email from a James Parker from Holborn Assets.

Deleted it immediately, but don't think they'd be interested in me if they saw my babnk balance! Lol

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates #857733

Well, this doesn't ring true. We've had fantastic advice from Keren Bobker.

Her advise was 100% independent.

In fact, the majority of my savings are in investments, advised by her, that do NOT provide her with any commission.

Yes, we have a fund too, but part of a balanced investment strategy, which we discussed, and she fully endorsed.

It's doing well.

Very well.

to Incredulous of Tunbridge Wells Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates #879336

Karen is that you? 1st it says you are in Dubai and not Tunbridge Wells and second you are talking rubbish. You should really tell the truth more.........

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates #830181