They are reliable, indeed.

I have lost 1000$ last month by mistake, but I couldn't find what happended.

I asked Holborn Assets what happend and how can I retake money I lost. Even in that situtaion, I didn't believe it will be back and I think it is losen money.

Until I have been noticed by Holborn Assets, I tried to forget about it and nevery tried to find out.

After few days since I asked to Holborn Assets, he noticed me that I have sent it to someone XXX and help me to get my money back.

Holborn Assets is really reliable and trustworthy.

Thank you very much.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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I've worked in the UK for 6 years and i am in SA now, have signed my LOA but have been told that there are no funds due to me, i have been given the run around for the last 3 months, could they have stolen my pension as the woman is so evasive when i asked her for proof that there is no funds available.

Please advise what I should and can do next to find out the truth.


Guess I'll be moving back to GlobalEye. At least they have a portal where I can log in and view my fund performance.

And they invite me for informational nights, golf days and dinners. And they share their staff achievement ceremonies with clients. Nice touch. Holborn gives me *** apples to date except "re-balancing the funds" if I request it to be done.

GlobalEye comes to my house.

Ask Holborn to do that...those are facts I can substantiate. One thing: clever radio ad campaign, Holborn!

@whole borne

A good radio campaign yes but a further pack of lies from a so called christian company. I worked there as a bdm and we were told to say we were calling from a third paerty not from holborn to trick the prospects. publically its denied but we cold call big time.


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