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We do our best to ensure that people who request to be placed on our DNC list are not contacted. However, with an organisation as large as ours, some people still managed to get called. We apologise for any inconvenience and are working to rectify the situation.
Dubai, Dubai

Holborn Assets claims to never cold call its prospective clients. However, having seen first hand how they operate I would like to expose this as false.

Instead of being honest like the Devere's of Dubai and just straight out cold calling, Holborn has set up a bank of telephones, rigged to appear to call through a London landline number. They'll then pretend to be calling from a third party company that would like to recommend you to one of their partners in Dubai. This will always be Holborn.

This would be fine if it wasn't an integral part of their marketing position to not participate in such tactics.

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Yes I have been cold called by Holborn only to have an appointment set up with a man all over the internet as a thief! Needless to say I cancelled...

Sounds like a a lot of two faced belony and lack of proper values.

Disappointing to say the least.


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I'd like to add this. Being acquainted with one of the 'Business Development Managers' of Holborn, I've been informed of this practice.

Holborn employs a bank of researchers who will spend their day searching Linkedin and any other source of contacts for prospects mostly with Western sounding names.

Any leads are then passed on to the Business Development Team. As said above they COLD CALL these people via landline routed through London. They'll apologise for calling you out of the blue and make clear they're calling from the UK (a lie) and they are agents that work on behalf of reputable IFAs in all over the world. Based on your requirements they'll recommend you to on of their qualified IFAs.

They might refer you to their website. This is bogus. It's set up, run and owned by Holborn under a different guise. Once your interested on the promise of a tax free windfall they'll pass your details along.

Not long after you'll receive a call from someone from, who'd have guessed, Holborn.

A meeting will be arranged, you'll discuss pensions and then probably be probed on your current savings/insurance needs.

They only reason I feel compelled to expose this is the outright lies peddled by Holborn.

Karen Bobker mentioned in another post will tell you that it's unprofessional for an IFA to cold call and good one doesn't in her blog ( their radio adverts reiterate this, but it's all rubbish.