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Holborn Assets - Holborn 'Rip Off Merchants'

Holborn takes the welfare of its 15,000 clients across our 8 global offices very seriously. Having been in operation for 20 years we have learned that in order to succeed in today’s global marketplace companies must put their customers at the heart of everything they do, being a family owned and run business with a strong tradition of British quality has created a culture of care and compassion from end to end and in all aspects of the business. Indeed this has driven our recent initiative to build a customer focused, client servicing center in the heart of Colombo, housing a 120 strong team of dedicated personnel that operates 24/7 to provide our clients round the clock service wherever they may be. One of our team will be in touch to ensure all and any issues are fully resolved to your complete satisfaction.
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Poor customer service
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Full refund

Through mis-management and additional, unauthorised fees taken via a bad practice known as 'Churning'. This is where funds are moved from one portfolio to another, purely to earn additional commission for the company.

This company has reduced the value of my hard earned pension portfolio by around 40k sterling. To make matters worse they have chosen not to respond to four emails sent to complain - two of which we for the attention of their CEO Robert Parker. If you are a client - I urge you to review your portfolio status and charges.

If you are considering being a client - my strong advice - don't do it. My next steps are to contact the relevant regulatory authorities as I am determined to either receive compensation for my loss or at least make as many people aware of their schemes as possible and hope that I can stome someone else becoming a victim of their shady practice.

HOLBORN asserts £56000 to zero in UK pension lost less than three years after following HOLBORN Assets advice

Hi John Apologies I thought I had come back to you on this, but checking my email I have not. I have been back to both IVCM your SIPP provider and Old Mutual the underlying platform provider. They have confirmed that the AMT futures fund manager charged a 5% penalty on the original investment amount resulting in a penalty for withdrawing from the fund of GBP2,436, this 5% penalty does not decrease over time (as would be normal for a mutual fund) and was for the whole term of the investment within the AMT fund. This 5% charge plus the penalty charges and already overdrawn position on the Old Mutual Bond resulted in a negative balance on the overall bond of minus GBP2437 which technically was owed to Old Mutual. Old Mutual have written of this ‘debt’ and therefore there is nothing left in the pension account to be paid to yourself (but also no debt to Old Mutual). I have seen the recent press about Holborn but do not know any more information than yourself at this point. The above is obviously not what you wish to hear but, let me know when you are next planning on being in Dubai and we can organise to meet and I can try and help you in anyway that I can. Kind Regards ( name withheld as case is sub judice ) Wealth Manager
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Airbusman2002, please go to www.expatinvestmentclaims.com to get further information on how to get financial compensation for your mis sold SIPP

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Holborn Assets - Review in Financial Services category

Holborn Assets is a leading Global Financial Services company headquartered in Dubai and variously regulated by the FCA in the UK, the FSB in South Africa and the Insurance Authority of Dubai, UAE. Currently it employs circa 350 people and services 15,000 very happy clients with high quality advice and service, a responsibility it does not take lightly. Its mission is to put ‘The Right Money, in The Right Place at The Right Time with Integrity and Respect for all’ and they have built an enviable reputation over nearly 20 years of operations by ensuring their consultants are qualified, experienced and meet their exacting standards. From the International Service Center in Colombo they strive hard to provide first class client servicing from a 60+ strong team providing monthly valuations, quarterly portfolio reports and customer newsletters. Historical performance is not indicative of future results and as such investments can go up aswell as down, in circumstances where clients feel they have fallen short of their own exacting standards there is a robust complaints procedure and where they are found wanting they will ensure clients are recompensed. This is not a customer of Holborn.
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Problems with payment

Do not deal with Holborn assets I lost 80 k a big chunk of my savings it ripped my life apart and with no remorse the financial advisor got his commission.Don.t touch this company with barge pole.Holborn has a duty of care to its customers so do the right thing to stop people's lives being ruined and pay back my life

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Holborn Assets in Doha, Ad Dawhah - Endless cold calls to hawk their stock garbage

We do our best to ensure that people who request to be placed on our DNC list are not contacted. However, with an organisation as large as ours, some people still managed to get called. We apologise for any inconvenience.
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Cold calling

Great to see Holborn staff in here trying to paint over the damp.

Today I've had four missed calls from Holborns 'London' number. I had three unsolicited calls from them last week.

Each time I requested bluntly that they stop calling, but the calls don't stop. I was duped by this ilk when I first arrived in Dubai, and now have the pleasure of letting them lose me money for the next 18 years. Here's how they work. They look at your income and assess what the maximum monthly instalment is that you can sustain.

Then they lock you into 18-36 months of making that high payment. In return you get 'preferential benefits' like being able to take a month off when you're destitute. I've got a friend that works for one of these companies, and he assures me the first 18 months you're paying straight into the reps pocket as commission. If you're incredibly lucky, the funds they sell you will break even, and you'll just lose the exorbitant fees they charge.

Take the advice of someone that has lost over $15,000 with these jokers: you're better off investing in flea market pottery.

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